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Miracles of Surfaz-SN Cream: A Comprehensive Guide

Miracles of Surfaz-SN Cream: A Comprehensive Guide


Surfaz-SN Cream, known for its multifaceted medical benefits, stands tall in the pharmaceutical industry as an indispensable ally against several skin conditions. Its unique composition, which combines antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, makes it a preferred choice among both physicians and patients. As with all medicines, a deep understanding of its uses, side effects, and precautions is essential to ensure safety and maximum efficacy.

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Substitutes of the medicine
  • Dermazine Plus Cream
  • Canesten-S Cream
  • Candiderma Plus Cream
  • Fungiderm-S Cream
  • Clocip-B Cream
Side Effects
  • Itching or irritation at the application site
  • Dryness or peeling of the skin
  • Redness or rash
  • Burning sensation
  • Swelling or puffiness

Surfaz-SN Cream is particularly celebrated for its effectiveness in treating:

  1. Fungal Infections: Targeting the fungal cells, it prevents their growth, thereby countering infections.
  2. Bacterial Infections: Its antibacterial properties help in combatting harmful bacteria, ensuring a healthier skin.
  3. Eczema & Psoriasis: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory agents, it provides relief from itching, redness, and swelling associated with such conditions.
  4. Skin Rashes: By reducing redness, itchiness, and inflammation, it offers solace from uncomfortable rashes.
  5. Other Skin Conditions: Its versatile formulation also addresses other skin-related concerns, granting patients the comfort and relief they seek.
When Not to Use?
  • Known allergy to any component
  • Viral skin infections, like chickenpox or herpes
  • Open wounds or burns
  • Tuberculosis of the skin
  • External use only; avoid contact with eyes and mouth
  • Discontinue if severe irritation occurs
  • Not recommended for children below 2 years
  • Keep out of reach of children
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  • As prescribed by the physician
  • Typically, applied once or twice daily on the affected area
  • Ensure hands are washed before and after application
Explain Interactions with other Medicines, Alcohol, etc.
  • Other Topical Medicines: Concurrent use may reduce Surfaz-SN’s efficacy
  • Oral Anticoagulants: Enhanced effect, monitor clotting parameters
  • Alcohol: May cause skin irritation if used concurrently with Surfaz-SN
  • Certain Antibiotics: Can influence the effectiveness of Surfaz-SN
  • Oral Corticosteroids: Elevated risk of systemic side effects
General Instructions
  • Store below 25°C
  • Do not freeze
  • Use within 3 months of opening
How it Works

Surfaz-SN Cream works by disrupting the cell membrane of fungi, hampering their growth. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling and redness, and its antibacterial agents eliminate bacteria.

Concerns – Commonly asked questions

It contains a mild corticosteroid which helps in reducing inflammation.

As recommended by the physician; prolonged use can lead to resistance.

Typically, yes. Consult a physician before use.

Yes, but avoid the eye and mouth area.

It’s best to consult your physician before use during pregnancy.

In conclusion, while Surfaz-SN Cream is an effective remedy for various skin conditions, responsible use, after consultation with a healthcare professional, ensures optimum results. Remember always to stay informed and prioritize your health!